Ramesh Munamarty, Senior Executive Vice President, Technology and Innovation

DevSecOps – Demystified

Introduction DevSecOps has become ingrained in most enterprises that are developing software products or undergoing digital transformation. Although the term DevOps was coined in 2009, it is said to have its foundation in LEAN, Theory of Constraints and Toyota Kata and is a logical continuation to the Agile movement started in 2001. Definition: DevOps is […]

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Empowering Human Intrapreneurs with RPA

People are creative.  Our innovation stems from our creativity.  However, in modern corporations, people have often become a cog in a very big machine.  Our data systems that have been implemented to store and track inventory and process invoices often require a great deal of human interaction to support the operations between various systems.  People, […]

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Leverage Interaction Mapping for the Boardroom CIO

The CIO function is being marginalized by splintering of responsibilities to the “Chief’s” of data, experience, innovation, people and increasingly, budgetary direction by marketing.  In an era of digital the need to navigate mission-critical operating systems, processes, IT and networks with an organizations culture has never been more important.  Yet the IT department seems to […]

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