Artificial Intelligence Could Pose Threats Due to Its Diverse Nature

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Artificial_Intelligence-_Could_Pose_Threats_with_Its_Diverse_Nature Artificial Intelligence Could Pose Threats Due to Its Diverse NatureArtificial Intelligence technology is all about building machines that can consider and act intelligently, such as tools like Google’s search algorithms or the machines that make self-driving cars possible. Today, the world has reached applied AI that performs narrow tasks like facial recognition, natural language processing or internet searches. There are indeed lots of AI applications that make people’s daily lives more comfortable and efficient.

In spite of preparing for a future with super-intelligent machines, AI can pose dangers in its current form. Let’s take a look at some AI-related risks: Autonomous weapons- AI programmed to do something dangerous, like the case with autonomous weapons programmed to kill, is one way where AI can pose risks. It might even expect that the nuclear arms race will be replaced with a global autonomous weapons race. Social Exploitation- Social media, through its autonomous-powered algorithms are very powerful at target marketing. They know where the audience is, what people like and are especially good at assuming what buyers think. But, the fault of Cambridge Analytica and other related social manipulation demonstrates AI’s power for social exploitation. By scattering propaganda to individuals identified through algorithms and personal data, AI can target them and disseminate whatever information they want, in whatever format they will find most convincing fact or fiction.

Discrimination- Since machines can accumulate, track and examine so much about anyone; it’s very possible for those machines to use that information against them. Today, AI is used for many good causes including to help firms to make better medical diagnoses, find new ways to cure cancer and make cars safer. Unfortunately, as the world’s AI capabilities develop people will also see it being used for dangerous or malicious purposes. Since AI technology is improving so fast, it is indispensable for companies and agencies to start to discuss the best ways for AI to advance positively while lessening its destructive potential.