ESB partners with IBM to use IoT, AI-based analytics to help retailers cut energy costs

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ESB_partners_with_IBM_to_use_IoT_AI-based_analytics_to_help_retailers_cut_energy_costs ESB partners with IBM to use IoT, AI-based analytics to help retailers cut energy costsESB, an Irish energy company, announced a partnership with IBM to help retailers generate energy savings through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

ESB’s Smart Energy Services division and IBM Research have conducted a proof-of-concept (PoC) study to show how AI and IoT-based analytics can generate energy savings. This research study emphases the high energy consumption of refrigeration units in the retail sector.

Based on the analysis of customer energy data from this study, ESB conducted a series of energy saving projects on refrigeration with Tesco Ireland. This delivered annualized savings of 10 percent on their refrigeration costs, along with 10GWH wastage avoidance, resulting in a 5 percent overall saving in Tesco Ireland’s energy use. ESB has worked with Tesco in more than 151 stores over the last three years.

According to Michael Mahon, Head of ESB’s Smart Energy Services, the use of intelligence and analytics is becoming more critical in identifying and rectifying energy solutions. With energy being one of the most significant costs faced by businesses, it makes sense for them to closely monitor their energy usage to minimize costs. Through this study with Tesco, ESB has seen how large financial and carbon emission savings can be identified through AI and IoT-based energy data analytics, highlighting on-the-spot changes and longer-term projects which can deliver much bigger savings.

The cloud-based analysis of refrigeration in Tesco Ireland allowed the seamless data flow from IoT sensors to cloud within one week of acquiring the data, thus demonstrating the scalability using the IBM cloud platform and analytics services.