IBM Joins With ServiceNow for Better Cloud Management

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IBM-_Joins-_With-_ServiceNow_-for-_Better_-Cloud-_Management IBM Joins With ServiceNow for Better Cloud Management

IBM’s Multi-cloud Management Platform has now acquired access into ServiceNow IT Service Management and IT Operations Management products. This platform will allow organizations to modernize their Kubernetes applications in various cloud environments to manage, move, and integrate applications in a multi-cloud. The company claims to be optimized for IBM Cloud with support from other cloud environments like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Red Hat.

Adding ServiceNow into the management platform will involve application development to manage cloud lifecycle and business resources; manage heterogeneous cloud environments; provide a common buying experience across cloud environments with visibility into multi-cloud operations.IDC has recently ranked IBM in the third position of cloud system management software along with VMware and Microsoft. It was noted that IBM has a 9.2 percent share of the 4 billion dollar market last year.

On the other hand, ServiceNow has scored 2.7 percent market share along with Oracle with a significant growth in serving customers who seek unified and fully functioning SaaS-based cloud management platforms. IBM will be seen working towards simplifying cloud management with its three motions – the first is to modernize the existing estate through VMware. The second is to modernize a new application style along with containers, Docker, and Kubernetes, irrespective of it being a public, private, or hybrid cloud. The third is to consolidate the management of the public cloud which involves a number of managed as-a-service models.