Oracle Retail’s New Xstore Office Cloud Service Enable Retailers To Centralize Their All Back-Office Store Operations

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Oracle-Retail’s-New-Xstore_Office-Cloud-Service-Enable-Retailers-To-Centralize-Their-All-Back-office-Store-Operations Oracle Retail’s New Xstore Office Cloud Service Enable Retailers To Centralize Their All Back-Office Store OperationsOracle Retail’s new Retail Xstore Office Cloud Service that released last month, designed to allow the retailers to centralize all back-office store operations. This latest service can get rid of the requirement for the retailer to spend in data centers and provide a faster implementation timeline. With this update to the Oracle retail Omnichannel suite of solutions, Retail Xstore Office is capable of building a more responsive business model in keeping the changing consumer preferences. Additionally, retailers can utilize Cloud Solutions while maintaining on-premise point-of-service (POS) functions by leveraging Retail Xstore Office Cloud Service.

As said by the Vice President of Oracle Retail Jeff Warren, earlier, retailers have been slow to upgrade their POS solutions; usually waiting five-seven years before considering an upgrade that has let down their ability to keep accelerate and offer a dynamic, engaging experience to their customers. But customers from a continuous pace of innovation by migrating Xstore back office to the Cloud that allows lower the total costs of ownership through centralized services and store operations. Further, Oracle Retail pointed out that its Xstore point-of-service (POS) is utilized by entities across the 83 countries and is part of the Retail Omnichannel Suite. The Xstore POS is pre-integrated with a number of Cloud services like Oracle Retail Order Management, Oracle Retail Customer Engagement, Oracle Retail XBRi Loss Prevention and others.

Oracle Retail has upgraded the Retail Omnichannel Portfolio of Solutions and Cloud Services to comprise 64 new solutions providing retailers with improved mobility and further advantages. The Oracle Retail’s upgrade also involves the addition of Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) and solutions to better grip customer experiences, allow easier workflow among others.