Vmware Cloud Continues Partnership with AWS on A Global Scale

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Vmware_-Cloud-_Continues_-Partnership_-with-_AWS-_on_-A_-Global-_Scale Vmware Cloud Continues Partnership with AWS on A Global ScaleAnnual VMworld Europe conference conducted on November 6th has seen many new partnerships and investments of VMware into many companies. There is yet another to this list, where the company has announced to continue their hybrid cloud services expansion with Amazon Web Services (AWS), in Europe and the United States.

VMware Cloud on AWS will now be planning to add new regions in AWS which will include EU (Ireland), AWS West (Northern California), and AWS East (Ohio) by the end of this year. The company has further announced a new capability which will come into existence by the name VMware Cloud Motion along with vSphere Replication. This will be providing live migration of thousands of VMs with zero downtime. Customers can also live to migrate individual applications between and across VMware-based software-defined data centers (SDDCs) while offering AWS availability zones using VMware VMotion.

Additionally, it has come out that, NSX and AWS Direct Connect integration will accelerate migrations to the cloud. The companies have initiated this by adding new NSX micro-segmentation capabilities which will provide application-centric security along with policies to follow workloads within the SDDC environment where NSX is VMware’s SDN platform.