University Of Pittsburgh Researchers Test Out EHR Data And Detect Different Sepsis Types

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine has created an algorithm, after studied electronic health records (HER) data, which recognizes and assigns patients into four separate types of sepsis. Sepsis, according to the lead study author and member of University of Pittsburgh’s Clinical Research, Investigation, and Systems Modeling of Acute Illness Center, is […]

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Oracle desires the higher revenue growth in FY 2019

Oracle is making an attempt to become a powerhouse in web-based cloud computing. The corporate, famed for its database software, has prioritized changing existing customers to the cloud instead of finding new customers. FQ1 revenue was little distorted at $9.2 billion, missing analysts’ predicts. Oracle Corporation stated slow quarterly sales and projected anaemic growth in […]

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Cloud-Based App Development Is Brought To Business Users By Oracle Visual Code

Oracle is taking a swing at the Salesforce in the application department based on a cloud with the Project Visual Code Platform. For building extensions for existing applications or standalone applications the low-code development provides the platform. Geared to “citizen developers,” Visual Code is a straight opponent to the Salesforce Lightning component-based development platform.   […]

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