CIOTechie_ArtificialIntelligence_MachineLearning_Xnor.ai_Solar_ComputerCheap Develops Solar-Powered Computer Chip That Can Run Machine Learning Algorithms Without Power Sources, a Seattle-based leading provider of efficient Artificial Intelligence technology for edge devices, has developed a small, solar-powered computer chip which is capable to run Machine Learning algorithms, without requiring a battery or other power sources. The’s chip equipped with a camera, which can identify visual objects. The always-on device utilizes edge computing that […]

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Report Finds Investments In Artificial Intelligence-Powered Medical Image Analysis Solution Exceeds USD 1.2 Billion

According to a market study report from Signify Research, investment in companies that are building Artificial Intelligence-powered medical image analysis solution was worth nearly USD580 million, in the last year that was double from the year 2017. The report highlighted the peak of new market entrants in 2015-16 where the amount of early-stage investments has […]

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Zoovu Rakes In USD14 Million To Expand Its Artificial Intelligence-Based Digital Sales Assistant

Zoovu, a New York-based digital assistant platform to humanize the digital engagement experience, has scraped up USD14 million in a series B round of funding to expand the utilization of its Artificial Intelligence digital sales assistants. This series round was led by Berlin-based Target Global and existing investor Beringea that brings its total venture capital […]

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