About Us

CIO Techie is an Enterprise Global Technology Magazine which focuses on keeping the rising entrepreneurs upfront with the trending enterprises, which will, in turn, help them be ahead in the competition and to reach their vision blissfully. In the fast-growing market is up to date with the market and having resources to do so is limited, so we ensure that you are acknowledged with all the enterprise solutions, from across the globe.

We at CIO Techie help business leaders understand the major changes that are happening in the business world. We keep the Chief Information Officers updated with the cutting edge Information Technology available in the market and the importance of Information Technology and the role it plays in achieving their goals. We also provide a platform for the upcoming aspirers to showcase their work and to reach out to a wider audience. We are true to ourselves and serve you in an unbiased manner which will help you decide what is right for your business growth. At CIO Techie we constantly keep track of what technology has newly arrived into the market for enterprises and the requirements needed by the business executives to fulfill their demands as well as what gears up the competition.

Our motto is to create a network connecting all the established enterprises, as well as the ones starting afresh. We will ensure you that you will be well equipped with the information that will help you stay right ahead in the competition.