Current booming jobs in Big Data

With the boom in the data like never before, the fields of data science and data engineering are increasingly in demand with more enterprises engaging themselves towards digital transformation. Result being increasing cloud computing professional’s placement with recruiters and hiring managers in debt of many more. With thousands of open jobs for cloud architects, data […]

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Impact of Big Data on voters

Big data may help candidates find voters and also helps eliminate competition through gerrymandering, with everyone agreeing to it. Big data and its information with patterns produced state that computer programs analyse sophisticated voter demographics and now has revolutionized politics tremendously. Former president Barack Obama relied to the elections win on two terms. Firstly, Misinterpreting […]

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Big Data helps in US Health Care

A lot of Americans share about their health and lifestyles’ update on social media websites. This information is accurate than what they share with doctors, colleagues, insurance companies and government organizations. While that will merely mirror attribute, its vast implications for health care as possible and suppliers look to the analysis of so-called big data […]

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1IT ENterprise- Big Data Technology Special Edition

BitBang: Simplifying Meaningful Information

BitBang provides Digital Analytics, Digital Intelligence, Customer Intelligence and Advanced Analytics and Insight Services for companies looking for successful measurement and optimization programs in the omni-channel analytics space. The company consultancy practice delivers actionable insights combining technology, methodology and deep technical and strategic skills to achieve measurable results. The company was founded in 2003 to […]

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