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Adaptive: Streamlines Big Data

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Jeff-Goins Adaptive: Streamlines Big Data
        Jeff Goins, CEO

Adaptive is focused on providing solutions for the DATA GOVERNANCE, METADATA MANAGEMENT, and ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE since its inception and has offices in CA, NY, Ireland, and India. Our staff has extensive experience and expertise in providing data governance, metadata management and enterprise architecture solutions leveraging our best in class technology platform.


Adaptive enables organizations the ability to properly govern their data and enterprise architectures with our proven approach and enabling technology platform. It is imperative that organizations understand first and foremost WHERE their data is stored, WHAT it means, HOW it flows by putting proper Meta tags on their data attribution to properly understand risk, privacy, retention and compliance related analytics and governance on an enterprise scale.  Adaptive also enables that the right stakeholders are involved in the process to ensure proper stewardship and notification is being performed throughout the organization. Adaptive’s capability is essential for organizations to ensure data governance is included as a core capability for “Big Data” centric projects.


Adaptive will continue to augment their data governance and metadata management platform by automating the metadata tagging for data privacy, data retention, and cyber security. This allows their customers to influence their offerings to govern the complexities associated with the enormous amount of data being processed by organizations.

The Adaptive portfolio, of industry-leading metadata management products, includes:

Adaptive Metadata Manager™comprises a number of highly configurable software components that provide an organization with the six core capabilities required to govern and improve virtually any data-driven business capability.

Adaptive Business Glossary Manager™   
is a web-based platform used to define, collaborate and align corporate terminology. Clients derive shared understanding and enhance it with reference to industry standards, business ideology, and in-house policies, forming an integrated semantic foundation.

Adaptive Enterprise Architecture Manager™ (
EAM) is a robust knowledge repository solution for organizing, integrating and analyzing information about the key architecture elements of an enterprise.

Adaptive’s ability to include domain centric reference data as part of their offerings provides a key aspect for them staying ahead of others that participate in their markets. They also will continue to influence technology advances in usability, graphics and analytics as part of their on-going strategy to markets.


The CEO of Adaptive, Mr. Jeff Goins, holds a Bachelors’ degree in Finance and Business Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University as well as served honorably in the U.S. Air Force.  Jeff has been responsible for developing alliances with firms on an international basis and has established subsidiaries for the company around the world. In his twenty-five plus year career in the technology industry, he has led companies to a high level of success in developing quality software and consulting solutions leveraging his enterprise software and delivery expertise.

Adaptive provides a web-based robust platform that plugs into the existing IT landscape enabling proper data governance in a timely fashion. Adaptive allows organizations to “Adapt” to their current processes leveraging complete interoperability with existing technologies (i.e. Microsoft suite, ETL & BI technologies) that enable users to ‘connect the dots’ promoting proper data stewardship and enhanced analytics for knowledge reuse and best practices.


Adaptive will continue to build out their capabilities in managing the lifecycle of data assets with an emphasis on providing end-to-end data lineage analytics and governance, enhanced data quality, and providing an advanced semantic layer promoting integration and analytics between the metadata and operational data layers through their advanced technology platform.