GRID20/20: Assisting The World-Wide Energy Enhancement Revolution

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Alan-Snook-225x300 GRID20/20: Assisting The World-Wide Energy Enhancement Revolution

   Alan Snook, President

GRID20/20 is the leading Distribution Transformer Monitor (DTM) intra-grid sensor provider within the global electric industry. GRID20/20 provides critical, timely, accurate information regarding the heart of the distribution grid’s operating conditions. Today, the global utility industry suffers from virtually no information or understanding of the dynamic intra-grid conditions occurring within the most expansive and most vulnerable segment of every grid on the planet.


GRID20/20 addresses a growing list of pain points for electric utilities.  Examples include:

  1. DER/DG monitoring to report intra-grid voltages, asset loading and reverse energy associated with expanding renewable energy deployments.
  2. Power Theft and Technical losses identification to permit remediation of significant power losses occurring within distribution grids worldwide.
  3. Transformer loading, and proper asset sizing information.
  4. Revealing of unknown intra-grid voltage levels, fluctuations, and imbalances that lead to poor power service and possible damage to residential, commercial and industrial appliance.
  5. Outage Reductions, Accelerated Outage Notification and Accelerated Outage Restoration.
  6. Reduced Truck Rolls, and Lower Distribution Grid Management Operational Costs.

Grid20/20 anticipate significant growth on a global basis, and they expect to remain the world leader. Their cost effective, highly accurate intra-grid sensor solutions leverage the physical location of distribution transformers to capture unique and timely information that is not otherwise obtainable by grid operators.


GRID20/20 offers the OptaNODETM solution which consists of patented, exceptionally accurate, easy to install intra-grid sensors, and a robust, simple to navigate proprietary software/analytics platform. Their turnkey solution can be provided via a SaaS or a licensed experience. To date, over 53 Million intra-grid data sets have been reported to utility customers by GRID20/20.  This represents over 600 Million unique intra-grid data elements already reported; the ongoing accumulation of data is now perpetual.


Market traction is emerging in those countries that have a desire to reduce power theft instances (e.g., $6Billion annually in the US alone), and those utilities that currently experience, or anticipate future impacts from DER/DG whereby reverse energy flows present serious grid safety and grid instability concerns. GRID20/20 OptaNODETM intra-grid sensors have been tested in 10 countries to date, with many more markets anticipated as this company presses forward.


The Founders of GRID20/20 are career entrepreneurs who recognized an enormous gap in the emerging smart grid market. The Founders realized that substation controls and AMI alone would never yield a comprehensive smart grid. So, they invested significant time, money, and energy to create a Best in Class, globally relevant solution that directly and immediately avails critical, accurate and timely information from within the heart of the distribution grid. GRID20/20 enables utilities to achieve a genuine comprehensive smart grid experience.


The CEO is a Founder, and an entrepreneur with nearly ten (10) years of industry exposure. Prior to this venture, the CEO has been a business owner, and an entrepreneur throughout his 30-year professional career.


An ISO 9001 manufacturer with a global supply chain is driving quality production capability/capacity. Mass production preparations are being undertaken by the executive team at this time in anticipation of significant global uptake.


GRID20/20 owns the industry’s leading patent for producing the most accurate and wide-ranging sensor capability in the market. Their additional patents support delivery of the easiest-to-install, most versatile intra-grid sensor solution in the market. GRID20/20 provides the industry’s best in Class hardware and complementary software to provide a turnkey, globally relevant solution. The company hardware devices possess future-proof technology. The software platform offers exceptional versatility and is capable of delivering intra-grid data to multiple points such as SCADA, MDM, and Collection Engines via its inherent DNP3 protocol and various data integration capabilities.