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InfoTrellis: A Data Management Company Focused on the Value of Data

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Moo-195x300 InfoTrellis: A Data Management Company Focused on the Value of Data

Mahmood Abbas, CEO and Co-Founder


Infotrellis is a data management company that uses modern technologies to consolidate and transform fragmented data into good, intelligent data. They do this by helping organizations get more value out of data by creating rich data that is easily consumable by business users.


The company’s belief is that the key to growth is getting more intelligent about customers and prospective customers. They believe that many organizations are embarking on analytics projects to better predict outcomes for customers, but analytics need good data – without it, they will always get the wrong answer. Many other organizations are embarking on customer experience initiatives – but their systems of engagement often lack complete and accurate customer data.  Data management technology has traditionally focused on organizing data – storing it, improving quality, and presenting it for use. That isn’t good enough anymore. InfoTrellis believes organizations need Intelligent Data.


Infotrellis’ vision for getting organizations intelligent data comes from their Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Mahmood Abbas (Moo), who is a seasoned technical software leader in architecture and development, with many years of experience in the data and analytics market. Prior to this, Moo was part of Toronto based DWL which was later acquired by IBM, where Moo led the Master Data Management R&D team. During his time at IBM Moo was instrumental in shaping the CDI space and guided both product delivery and architecture of the leading MDM product solution in the master data industry, IBM’s InfoSphere Master Data Management Server.


Moo specializes in undertaking technical due diligence and has helped clients across various industries with their MDM strategy and implementations. He sets the vision and direction of InfoTrellis globally and is responsible for the overall company strategy covering customers, partners, and employees.


InfoTrellis uses their understanding of the real requirements for managing good and intelligent data, to help their clients pinpoint the areas where data management technology can be improved. This understanding and knowledge eventually led InfoTrellis to start a software product division and develop software products that enable organizations to manage and improve their data.  InfoTrellis AllSight is a Customer Intelligence Management System, designed to fuse modern data management and analytic capabilities into a pre-built system that gains insight from all data and shares intelligent customer data with all business users.  AllSight inherits data governance and quality capabilities from InfoTrellis’ first product offering, Veriscope. Veriscope’s main focus is on improving the data quality within MDM deployments. With these unique products InfoTrellis extends it reach of helping organizations get the most value from their data by managing it, understanding it, improving it, and enriching it with a deep intelligence.


Today Infotrellis AllSight is defining a new breed of technology known as Customer Intelligence Management (CIM). This Customer Intelligent Management System enables organizations to truly be customer-centric with a real customer 360 view. This system helps businesses delivers an intelligent customer 360 that empowers customer-facing employees to:


– Improve customer-centric marketing with better personalization and targeting to improve response rates.


– Improve Omni-channel customer care by consolidating all interactions (inbound, outbound, internal and    external, for instance social) for a customer to get a complete view of the customer journey.


– Increase sales efficiency by bestowing an intelligent Customer 360 to enhance sales offers and account planning based on deeper customer intelligence.


The AllSight system does this in four steps. First it allows businesses to understand raw data and then synthesize little pieces of data into larger concepts – such as customer records. It then enables the ability to reason analytics on data to produce intelligence on it – from small inferences and enrichments on the data – for example, inferring the occupation of a customer, to more sophisticated inferences. The third step is to recall data by allowing users to access customer data on demand. Finally AllSight allows business to learn with machine learning algorithms that continually learn from synthesis and reasoning to improve and automate each process.


Infotrellis AllSight is poised for significant growth, it has already experienced exponential early-state growth as the CIM market materializes. They anticipate noteworthy growth over the next few years as quixotic and early adopter organizations search for new technology to deliver a real customer 350 based on all available data (including big data and unstructured data).


Infotrellis’ Veriscope software also breaks from the mold as an MDM Data Quality and Management app by working with multiple commercial MDM systems, as it interrogates, reports on, and improves the quality of data within MDM. It also automatically finds issues such as missing fields and incorrect data values, and it helps organizations automatically correct those errors. It also monitors performance within MDM systems to help organizations comply with SLAs. Veriscope further improvises MDM systems by enabling better managed data quality and performance.


InfoTrellis has a well-established consulting business built on expertise in MDM and Big Data. Their Smart MDM implementation has helped dozens of companies implement MDM successfully. InfoTrellis provides clients with a mixture of data integration, system design, system integration, and business strategy consulting. Their deep experts in MDM can implement various commercial MDM technologies, and help define Master Data roadmaps.


These services also extend into the following two types of consulting services:

Big Data Consulting Services: InfoTrellis expertise in “good data” can help any organization deal with a messy big data situation. They are deep experts in consolidating data, identifying and de-duplicating data and ensuring it is usable by business users. They have helped organizations with early Data Lake projects to transform raw data in Hadoop into usable, good data in an accessible Data Lake.


Data Integration Consulting Services: InfoTrellis knows data integration. Every MDM and big data project requires it, and they understand how to implement integration with data quality to ensure that you are delivering good data to whichever system needs it; MDM, Hadoop, Data Warehouse, or business applications. ­­


With focused and visionary leadership, the continued investment in their product division and tradition of hiring experts in MDM, big data, data quality, and Customer Intelligence, InfoTrellis is well positioned to address the emerging market for Customer Intelligence Management Systems.