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       Ty Moser, Founder


Moser Consulting is a data technology consulting company with more than 200 employees across its Indiana and Maryland offices. They provide the talent, tools, and technology to support businesses that rely on data to gain a competitive advantage. From database management through application development to managed services; Moser provides best-practices expertise to companies engaged in healthcare, insurance, manufacturing and finance.


The problems in the market are specific and recurring. First, a tremendous amount of money is spent annually on corporate information systems, yet the right information doesn’t get to the right people at the right time. Second, the need for available, reliable, secure corporate information has never been higher. Finally, business leaders face increasing pressure to operate core IT functions more efficiently.


Over the last two years, Moser has nearly doubled their consultant base. They want to continue their growth rate in consultant numbers and revenue.  Their three-year focus is to diversify and expand their medium and large company client base. They are also open to expanding into new markets.


Moser specializes in four particular areas mentioned below, all of which are supported by a collection of technology disciplines.


  • Managed Services are strategically sourced information technology services delivered at a predictable monthly cost, reducing risk and increasing the performance of the client’s business technology investment.
  • Big data is an enabler providing the foundation of next generation business and decision-making The technology and the processes that comprise big data provide an integration and processing platform that not only drive greater efficiencies and speeds but also challenge the limitations of what is possible.
  • Their IT Consulting experts will advise you on using technology to achieve your business goals. Moser can provide you with management, implementation, deployment and administration of your systems.
  • Custom web development allows businesses to use technology without compromise – the user experience of your online brand is exactly as you specify.


The way that cloud computing and big data and analytics play out in the marketplace will determine the shape of technology in the future. They are watching those trends and they are working to advance in the right areas to put them ahead of the changes in the marketplace.


Ty and Paula Moser founded Moser Consulting in 1996 to help businesses leverage data to provide insight and better decision-making. In 2004, Ty Moser was named to the ‘40 Under 40’ list in the Indianapolis Business Journal (IBJ). Moser continued to achieve steady growth year over year. In 2013, Moser Consulting successfully exceeded revenues of more than $14 million and opened a second office, located in Baltimore, Maryland. In 20-years Moser has grown into a successful information technology company, focused on managed services, IT consulting and big data; achieving revenues of more than $30 million in 2015.


The structure of the company is unique and forward-thinking. Moser is distinct because the CEO and Directors came up through technology work, not through business or sales positions. That gives them a real-world knowledge of not just business, but technology concerns.


One specific alternative to Moser Consulting is staff augmentation or staffing firms. The singular way Moser is different is through the quality and caliber of technology professionals they employ. This is evident in the multi-step hiring process. Moser only hires exceptional talent with an ability to self-manage. Consultants walk in the door with a focus not only on your technology – but also on your business.


The consultant-client relationship is the engine that drives the company. Every part of the company is there to support that bond. Thus, their employees are their most important asset. The personal success of each consultant determines Moser’s success as a company. In reaching for the future, Moser will continue to diversify their client base, industry footprint, and market reach.