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SalesChoice: Delivers Powerful Sales Advanced Analytics: Predictive, Prescriptive and Pricing Solutions

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Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO


SalesChoice HQ in Toronto, Canada is a Cloud SaaS Company specializing in B2B Predictive, Prescriptive and Pricing Sales Analytics that SPEEDS RESULTS. The company is a certified ISV APP Exchange Partner of SalesForce. Unlike many other companies in this market, SalesChoice goes to market closely with SalesForce SI Partners, with brands like: Accenture and Relation Edge and are focused on the North American market.


SalesChoice is a company that helps companies increase top line revenue and grow /speed up results more rapidly by using machine learning and AI methods rooted in predictive analytics.  If a company has issues in areas like:  (1) focusing their sales resources on the best opportunities to win more and faster, (2) prioritizing their opportunities into highest odds to win, (3) improving their sales forecasting accuracy, (4) pricing sweet spots or increasing up-selling and cross-selling solutions more efficiently,  (5) understanding the reasons for wins or losses before the final outcomes to alter future realities, (6) increasing sales coaching enablement with a 7×24 coaching solution, SalesChoice is a company to take a closer look at.


SalesChoice has a high impact vision to be a global leader in the predictive and prescriptive data analytics market. The company’s first foray is into the SalesForce ecosystem solving sales challenges but also has an eye to solving Customer Churn risk challenges with predictive sciences, as well as on Advanced Relationship Analytics. They have already released an early predictive pricing discount feature that helps evaluate discounts against pricing odds of winning to keep more $ in company pockets.


The company currently has three proven products in the market i.e. Predictive Analytics, Prescriptive Analytics, and Propensity to Purchase (Upsell/Cross Sell/Micro-Segmentation).


SalesChoice is focused on the SalesForce Analytics Cloud Ecosystem and is now fully integrated with SalesForce’s WAVE ANALYTICS. They are betting that the new oil is  DATA fueling business’s growth and mobility and they filed a comprehensive patent filing early to lay their platform for growth or acquisition.


They are going to market with their SI partners for B2B customer traction for both enterprise and mid-markets. Early SalesChoice customers include: Accenture, Digiday, Macadamian Technologies, and major Telcom players to name a few Hot Spots already whistling positively in their entourage.


Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO and Founder is a well-known High Tech leader in Canada, with senior leadership pedigree from: Accenture, Xerox, Citicorp and she has also has been a Venture Capitalist and Angel helping to fuel successful startups like: Eloqua, Corent Technology, etc. She is an active Technology Ambassador for Women in Technology and sits on the Board of CATA, Canada’s largest High Tech Professional Association.


She has recently brought on board Dr. Kevin Francis LL.D, former Chairman and CEO, Xerox Canada, CEO of Accelio which he sold to Adobe & CEO of Centerbeam which he sold to EarthLink, to be her Chairman &  Strategic Growth Coach. In asking Kevin why he agreed to join SalesChoice, he said:  “SalesChoice is cracking the code on what underlies a company’s sales practices by marrying science with human know-how. Our new normal world is increasingly complex and focusing on the best opportunities to speed results is imperative to survive. SalesChoice is already hitting over 85% predictive accuracy on predicting outcomes. Every CRM company or BI company to survive will need Predictive Analytics so machine learning is paving new growth roads and revolutionizing the world of sales.”


To position for growth, Cindy Gordon, CEO says: we are focused on doing four things very well. At our current commercialization stage, (1) finding strong channel partners is top of mind, why we work closely with SalesForce, Accenture, and Relation Edge. (2) To position for growth, sourcing diverse talent, with expertise blended in Sales and Data Sciences is critical to innovate rapidly. (3) Customer focus is the heart beat of our company, as customers are our ambassadors and their confidence in us is everything. (4) But the core of SalesChoice is building a culture of collaboration and mutual respect that is genuine and transparent. Growing a Start Up is very hard work, but with inclusive teamwork, we will have the strength and the wisdom to tack our sails to sustain our growth journey.


In summary, SalesChoice helps companies to: Prioritize, Predict, Price and Pace their sales journey using Machine Learning and Artificial methods. They believe, if you don’t adopt predictive analytics and increasingly more important, prescriptive analytics, companies will simply become fossils. With the SalesChoice unique Smart Sales ALGO, companies will have a unique advantage to increase their growth by 20-30%.  Like WAYZ did to enable more efficient traffic navigation, SalesChoice’s vision is to be the Most Trusted Sales GPS, guidance system consistently enabling sales professionals to hit their targets. Seeing More Wins More. Smarter Eyes 7×24 = SalesChoice.