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SQream Technologies: Solving Pressing Big Data Challenges with a Next Generation GPU Database

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Ami-Gal-300x200 SQream Technologies: Solving Pressing Big Data Challenges with a Next Generation GPU Database

Ami Gal, Co-funder, and CEO

A lot of big data projects get interrupted or compromised due to high costs or technical scale challenges that are hard to predict during planning and budgeting stages. As data volumes and business needs grow geometrically, companies are faced with growing amounts of data, performance bottlenecks, and capacity limitations.  With SQream, big data projects can be completed and compromises related to scope, speed, and scale can be evoked.


Big Data Analytics Software Vendor SQream Technologies delivers a high-performing next generation GPU database that quickly relieves Big Data and complex Analytics pains while leveraging existing resources. SQream’s award winning technology is designed from the ground up to leverage event based and behavioral data to improve business outcomes. SQream’s architecture enables companies to leverage existing skills and production environments while scaling to supporting extremely high data volumes at a very low latency.


SQream’s proven formula for success is based on a customer focused approach that enables them to deploy large-scale big data solutions that drive top-line while simultaneously lowering risk and total cost of ownership.


Following are some products and services that the company offers:

SQream DB – The Company’s flagship product, leverages the power of big data using GPU-enhanced software technology (Graphics Processing Unit). The database delivers superfast ingestion, aggressive compression rates, and powerful processing for massive amounts of data.


SQream’s GenomeStack – A big data analytics platform for post-sequenced data in genomic research, replaces the traditional file-based, the highly time-consuming manual process for storing and analyzing genome sequenced data with an ultra-fast, highly scalable database, enabling a first-ever presented ability of effective data modeling for SQL querying of BAM files.


xDR Repository – A high-speed, large-capacity platform with enormous scalability capabilities developed specifically for the Telecommunications industry to extract value from high volumes of data.


ZBDB – A cloud-based analytics platform for SMBs and enterprises. Powered by SQream DB, ZBDB is a fully managed, extremely fast analytics data warehouse built in partnership with IBM.


SQream addresses pain points like lack of performance when dealing with large datasets, scalability issues and lack of budget and has therefore won traction from telecom, financial, cyber security and genome research who are facing these challenges.  This is what sets the company apart from its competitors.


Ami Gal is the Co-founder and CEO of SQream Technologies. Ami’s ignoramus curiosity with revolutionary technology drove him to create the Market’s leading next generation database solution powered by GPUs (Graphical Processing Units).


As a visionary entrepreneur, thought leader and technology investor with over 20 years of experience in technology and executive management, Ami has created several substantial new businesses related to high performance and complex data integration environments. Among these successes was Manov.


SQream is a next generation database aiming to address the need for handling massive amounts of event based New Data that organizations around the world are struggling with. By examining and understanding how these new data types and their proliferation impact the market and business growth, thought leaders in their respective areas can position for growth.


As companies look to take practical advantage of all of the vast data in today’s marketplaces, SQream is well positioned to help them create value. Specifically, their offerings will continue to expand and include the ability to even more rapidly deploy solutions around large scale data without requiring substantial infrastructure investment and resource retraining. The Company is planning on expanding its successful partnerships with leading firms and its market leadership position and technology edge.