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TapClicks: Delivering Dashboards for Marketing Operations

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Babak-Highres-300x300 TapClicks: Delivering Dashboards for Marketing Operations

             Babak Hedayati, CEO

With over 1,000,000 dashboards delivered to 5,000 plus brands and over 500 media companies TapClicks Inc. is a leading marketing technology company. Its integrated Marketing Operations Platform includes sales enablement, workflow and order management, analytics, and automated reporting, all within a single intuitive user interface, all available on demand in the cloud. Founded in 2009, TapClicks is headquartered in Silicon Valley with development & sales offices in Boston and Canada, and sales offices in Europe and Latin America.


TapClicks with the above-mentioned operations upon its sleeves manages market pain points such as:


Manual Reporting- TapReports automatically unifies data from over 150 sources using native API-based integrations (with ImportWizard, the platform can use data from just about any source) and enables configurable reports and interactive dashboards.


Reporting Overload- Marketers didn’t get into the profession to send reports all day, which is exactly what their clients and internal teams expect. TapClicks automates this process by scheduling these reports to go out at the frequency (daily, weekly, monthly) in the format (PDF, Word, Excel, HTML), and with the data you want (using completely customizable reports and dashboards).


Dire Need for Analytics- Analyzing the overall performance of your marketing efforts, optimizing for best results, and reporting to your stakeholders and clients without the ability to unify the data, visualize it, compare & score it, or categorize to leverage insights at all levels is the definition of ‘flying in the dark’. TapClicks delivers a complete, easy to use and deploy analytics platform that can be leveraged to achieve optimization and the best ROI.


Unified End-to-End Solution- TapAnalytics, TapReports, TapOrders, and TapWorkflow unify to create the TapClicks Marketing Operations Platform, an integrated solution that delivers value at every step in the media delivery chain; from pre-sale through delivery and optimization to reporting and invoicing. TapClicks is one of the fastest growing companies in Silicon Valley, and the world, with hundreds of digital agencies, media companies and brands trying their solution every month. They see themselves as a company that serves its customers, adding efficiency and financial gains across the complete media delivery lifecycle. TapClicks is currently the de-facto standard for media companies and digital agencies with a significant expansion into Brands, Franchises, and Enterprises.


In the media delivery lifecycle, TapClicks Marketing Operation Platform delivers value at every step. TapAnalytics allows you to quickly overview the performance and progress during your campaign. TapReports lets your client get reports in the form and interval of their choice once the campaign has been run. Similarly, TapOrders automates order entry directly within the platform or integrated with your CRM. TapWorkflow, with just the tap of a button, puts the work in the hands of the right person after the order is placed. A majority of media companies have selected TapClicks as their partner because they deliver far more efficiency which drives higher revenue, larger margins, a reduced churn.


TapClicks believes the secret ingredient to sustaining its unprecedented growth is the delivery of scalable solutions and high value-add products. The key features setting TapClicks apart are its industry leading integrations, a unified end-to-end platform, and scalable solutions across markets.


TapClicks will continue to deliver modular solutions for its Marketing Operations Platform with next phase being an SDK which will allow partners and customers to build unique solutions.