Neeraj Gulati

10 reasons why companies should upgrade to dynamics NAV 2018?


By Neeraj Gulati, CEO, Paragyte Technologies

Neeraj-Gulati 10 reasons why companies should upgrade to dynamics NAV 2018?Are you looking for a business solution which is quick in implementation, extremely user-friendly, and is also efficient enough in supporting your business ambitions? If your answer is “Yes”, then all you need to get is an upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 is a complete ERP software solution that comes with several new and advanced functions and features that aim at improving and enhancing the ways in which you manage and utilize business information, across different departments within your organization.


Here are a 10 informative insights that would help you consider an upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018:


1. Works seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics CRM—Dynamics CRM and Dynamics NAV 2018 works hand-in-hand and can share information seamlessl So no more switching applications while archiving customer information or processing orders and issuing invoices.


2. New Microsoft Power BI Integration—Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 with integrated Power BI is specifically designed to meet the requirements of small and medium business The fully-featured model serves as the foundation for dashboard and reports, enabling you to explore and work on data as needed.


3. Advanced features for better customization—It goes without saying that one of the chief driving forces behind upgrading to an advanced version is easy and smooth customizations. NAV 2018 allows you to install/ uninstall/ upgrade your customizations and also to change your application settings without having to modify the metadata.


4. Azure SQL collaboration—Enjoy lower maintenance costs and subsequently, more savings with NAV 2018, which comes with Azure SQL fully integrated into it.


5. Works across multiple device platforms—With the ever-evolving market, it’s imperative to step up your business needs to remain competit Experience a seamless transition from one platform to another by using the universal software application.


6.Test Automation Suite—Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018’s advanced Test Automation Suite’s features helps in getting rid of tiresome manual testing procedures which in turn leads to short and efficient test hours with reliable results.


7. Efficient management of documentation—Manage documents and reports better by using Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018. Use its document capture/ optical character recognition to capture, store, and also search for documents in a simplified manner. You can also create invoices automatical


8. Finance enhancements—Save money and time with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018’s improved user experience that would simplify the financial functions and make lives easier!


9. Real-life business workflows—Do away with challenges in building business workflows as Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 can now help you in creating workflows using the best practices and standards, and modeled after real-life organizational process


10.Enhancements in E-service integration—Last, but not the least,    Microsoft Dynamics NAV


2018 simplifies the digitization of business processes. A great example of effortless processing is obtaining current exchange rates automatically in real-time without switching applications.


Dive into an ocean of endless possibilities with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018. Rely on the trusted platform of Microsoft and manage your business with enhanced efficiency of NAV 2018.