Artificial Intelligence: 3 Massive Predictions For The Time to Come


By  Kunjan Dalal, CEO, AuroSys Solutions

kunjan-230x300 Artificial Intelligence: 3 Massive Predictions For The Time to ComeArtificial intelligence, for some time the word is making rounds among web audience and if you are not hiding in a cave it is very unlikely that you have not heard it. The word as of now is certainly wrapped with a futuristic overtone and it is upon us to decipher some already prominent signs of where this new tech horizon is leading us.


You land on the airport and a travel app on your handheld device suggests the places to stay, things to see and a list of eateries and shops selling local delicacies. All these are suggested based on your taste, preference, budget and obviously your location. Thus, the apps are already catering to individual context and preference. It is no science fiction but the quintessential way AI is incorporated into apps. We can only expect them to be more powerful in the time to come.


As far as our understanding goes about the present standing of AI enabled gadgets and apps and the future possibilities of these apps, we can already see some upcoming developments looming large on the horizon. Here are our 3 predictions for the AI in future apps, gadgets and user interactions.


1. Machine Learning And Personal Assistants Will Transform Device Interaction

Machines and gadgets are simulating the way we interact and their actions are becoming more insightful corresponding to our contexts and needs. Devices already respond to speech, gestures and visual elements. In future, they will fine-tune their reactions as per our contexts based on individual need in a specific time and place. Machines will not only learn what we prefer but will perform tasks as per the time and place we are located at.


For sometimes personal assistants like the Siri in Apple and S Voice in Samsung phones have made mobile interaction easier and value added. In the time to come these virtual assistants will learn more about user behavior, preference, and typical contexts and accordingly will adjust their output making things further autonomous and effortless.


2. Huge Impact On Education, Health And Workplace

Huge progress is made in AI research in last few years to incorporate AI in learning systems, healthcare systems and productivity apps for modern workplaces.


Already AI is being used by many pharmaceutical companies to discover the drugs required for targeted therapies. Moreover, some healthcare systems are using AI for precise prediction of diseases and the paths of treatment. AI enabled systems by learning from the patient history and treatment information will be capable of predicting the precise health problem. With the incorporation of AI not only there will be positive impact on health condition and lifespan of patients, but with increased automation, the healthcare cost can also be reduced significantly.  AI systems will particularly be helpful to patients with detailed mental and physical abilities as they can help predicting brain and physical activities.


AI by incorporating more intuitive evaluation of individual progress can revolutionize learning systems. As for hands-on practical training and role playing, AI enabled gadgets can be used as participants replacing the role of instructor or another human participant.


3. Intelligent Web Interface

The Web is increasingly becoming intelligent. The web behaving as per the individual preference and context is not a very distant reality. It is already there in bits and pieces with many web interfaces. Just think the way Beacons and GPS sensors by knowing your location tell a web interface to show relevant content meaningful for your location. That is one example of how AI is being incorporated into web interfaces and apps. In the time to come, web apps and devices getting bigger exposure into the user data will become more intelligent to decipher user needs and address them.