EVRYTHNG: Making digital products Smarter

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Niall-4-281x300 EVRYTHNG: Making digital products Smarter
   Niall Murphy, CO-Founder & CEO

Every physical thing around us lately is coming to life digitally in some shape or form. EVRYTHNG connect all of these products to the Web, each with its own unique, real-time digital identity, to make them smarter. They help manufacturers digitize their physical products to make them more intelligent, more interactive and more valuable to consumers and brands. Their real-time digital identity and data management software talks to any kind of smart product or smart packaging hardware to power, personalized mobile experiences and digital support services for consumers, and more efficient supply chains for brands. It means that brands don’t just produce and distribute physical goods, they can also operate them as digital assets. Real-time, interactive services can be delivered directly from products. This creates differentiation, justifies premium pricing and increases switching costs. It also creates a direct digital relationship with customers.


Products that come with a layer of tailored digital services build personalized connections with end-consumers, adapting to their preferences and self-improving over time. And smarter products can generate on-going service revenue that far exceeds the original purchase price. EVRYTHNG’s IoT Smart Products Platform provides data-sharing connections to all other clouds and applications in a product’s ecosystem to unlock maximum value for business and users. All backed by an Enterprise SLA and a range of consultative Go-To-Market Customer Success services.


For example, we just announced that we’re the first enterprise IoT platform to be certified as ‘Works With Nest’, to make it as easy as possible for our manufacturer customers to connect into smart home ecosystems.


In the smart home, consumer electronics and appliance manufacturers are on the front lines. But through innovations in smart tags, labels and printed electronics on packaging, everyday household items like clothing, consumables and groceries are part of the same smart product revolution too.Product packs and labels already touch consumers millions of times a day. Now everyone can be turned into controllable interactive assets and a new media channel for direct digital relationships with individual consumers.


Any product can be digitized by adding smart packaging hardware – from low-tech text messaging or smart tags like QR codes, to NFC, BLE, RFID and more sophisticated sensors and printed electronics. When scanned by a smartphone or RFID reader, these products communicate in real-time with EVRYTHNG’s smart software in the cloud and come alive with connected intelligence, engaging consumers and making supply chains smarter.


This digital enablement of products in happening now, and at a global scale. Consider the partnership EVRYTHNG just announced with Fortune 500 packaging and labeling giant A very Dennison to digitize a minimum of 10 billion items of apparel and footwear over the next three years. Now any product can be ‘Born Digital’, with an EVRYTHNG software identity on the Web. Companies can turn products into an owned digital media channel to connect directly with consumers. They can also track products through the supply chain to tackle counterfeiting and protect their brands and revenue. The world’s leading consumer product manufacturers, from Coca-Cola, GE and Diageo to Nike, iHome work with EVRYTHNG to manage billions of intelligent online identities in the cloud for their products and deliver better consumer-product experiences and smarter product operations.


Digital transformation and business disruption is inevitable and impacts every industry. IoT connectivity, smarter products and the real-time flow of data are at the heart of this shift.