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           Patrick Bertagna, CEO

GTX Corp (GTXO) is a pioneer in Smart, Mobile and Wearable GPS tracking and recovery location based services, supported through a proprietary IoT enterprise monitoring platform. GTX offers a complete end-to-end solution of hardware, software and connectivity. The Company develops 2 way GPS tracking technologies which seamlessly integrate with consumer products and enterprise applications. GTX Corp utilizes the latest in miniaturized, low power consumption GPS, Cellular and BLE technology and offers a proprietary platform that enables subscribers to track in real time the whereabouts of people or high valued assets through a complete end to end – customizable transceiver module, wireless connectivity gateway, smart phone Apps, middleware, and IoT portal.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, with distributors in 14 countries and customers in over 35 countries, GTX is known for its award-winning patented GPS SmartSole®– Think Dr. Scholl’s meets LoJack, the world’s first invisible wearable technology device created for those at risk of wandering due to Alzheimer’s, dementia, autism and traumatic brain injury.Currently there are 100 million people worldwide who are part of this at risk wandering group and that number is expected to reach 277 million by 2050.

The GPS SmartSoles are a wearable tracking and monitoring device that communicates the location of the wearer without user intervention. The GPS Smart Insole is a communication platform that can support location based services and bio-medical sensors; sending location and movement and in the near future will include vital signs and bio-metrics, such as heart rate, pulse, weight and temperature along with latitude, longitude, altitude, bearing and speed.

The simplicity behind the SmartSole Platform is that when someone wanders off or becomes lost, a geo-fence alert is sent to a phone and computer, with a direct link to a map plotting the wanderer’s location.

Innovative wearables that are user-friendly and unobtrusive offer efficient care, while reducing costs and stress. These wearable medical devices are “connected” devices, with features such as wireless data transmission, real-time feedback, alerting mechanism, and more. The miniaturization of wireless communication and sensor technology, combined with more power efficiency and greater computation capabilities, all of which GTX Corp has been at the forefront both in technical development and patent filings, has enabled the shift of clinical monitoring beyond facilities to personal at home care giving. Wearable medical devices will also become helpful to pharmaceutical companies for conducting efficient clinical trials to gather data remotely, and for insurers to provide outcome-based reimbursement.

The novel and award winning idea of putting GPS tracking devices inside shoes to monitor the elderly with dementia is rapidly expanding into a whole lot more. As we looking forward we will continue to leverage our footwear form factor and extensive intellectual property portfolio and add new sensors and technologies to our platform in order to deliver the best in class products and services in the IoT and wearable technology industry.

GTX Corp is in the business of keeping you connected to who matters most with award winning technologies that impact how you ask the “where is” question: where is my mother, child, husband or employee.

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