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Haltian_02_2016_17-200x300 Haltian : Making the Internet of Things happen
    Pasi Leipala, CEO

Every new IoT application needs hardware to gather valuable data. If your Internet of Things application needs a specific IoT device to be developed from scratch, you have arrived at a mountain of obstacles.

These are just a some of the things you need to consider:

  • Designing and developing a new device that is both beautiful and thoroughly optimized for your business
  • Choosing the right composition of technologies to support your solution
  • Creating proof of your new market and a functional business model
  • Sourcing the components and manufacture the new device
  • Managing operations in another country, or even on another continent

The list goes on.

We at Haltian work with all kinds of products, from simple low-cost sensors to highly complicated industrial devices and systems. Our daily work is focused on navigating past obstacles and helping our customers to the peak of business.

Just over a year ago, we launched Thingsee, our first venture in the IoT market. It is a platform and a developer device for new IoT solutions and applications, and our brand promise is to make Internet of Things easier and faster, at a fraction of the cost.

We have come up with two business models for Thingsee.


1. Thingsee One

A standalone developer device. The devices help our customers prototype new services and apps and get results faster to support decision making. Thingsee One makes it possible for businesses to start and grow with less investment required.


2. Thingsee

Hardware Platform for new Devices. Haltian is a design services company that creates new products for customers around the world. The Thingsee platform makes it considerably easier and cheaper to build new devices: a lot of the parts of the system have already been designed, as is the operating system. Thingsee One can also be used during the service and application design to bring compatible data to the service when the final device is being designed.

This business strategy lets us help our customers in many ways. From the very start, our customers can get on with building the service, assess their business model and understand their market better. On the other hand, designing new solutions based on an existing device is more efficient and less costly.

Our most recent reference, Snowfox, is a tiny tracker phone for families and it’s largely based on Thing see: the technologies are simply packaged in a smaller form factor, with some much-needed features like voice call added on top.

The market for different tracking devices has been growing for years.

We decided to approach the market from a fresh angle. First, how to create a solution that gets families together and is focused on communication and notifications, instead of simple real time tracking. Second, how to create a quality device with exceptional user experience, battery lifetime and durability; and third, how to build the new solution faster, easier and at a fraction of the cost. And we managed to do just that.

Furthermore, there are more to come.

We make your vision define tomorrow.

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