Raytheon & UTC agree upon an All-Stock “Merger of Equals”

Raytheon, a Waltham, Massachusetts-based industrial core manufacturing corporation, and United Technologies Corporation (UTC), a Farmington, Connecticut-based multinational conglomerate, on Sunday, Jun. 9th 2019, have announced their decision to merge in an all-stock deal – a tie-up that’s expected to send ripples all across the fast-growing defense and aerospace sectors. The behemoth merger deal would combine […]

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Leaders and Followers of Kubernetes and Why

Cloud today, is making Kubernetes one of the fastest-growing container platform globally. The production users nowadays are all committed as it stand alone without any comparable solution. In its time, Kubernetes bagged many partnerships and leading to a better vibrant and growing contributor population. The company is characterized by an enthusiastic and excited community, also […]

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Challenges faced by SaaS application performance

The cloud technology has led to many innovations and transformations from the time of its emergence. Now, this is rushing enterprises for a rapid move into the cloud. This will include the growing trend toward cloud office suites with Office 365 and Google Suite. In this, users have a lot of expectation towards LAN-like performance […]

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Best Practices to help Strategize your Cloud.

Life’s got very easy with the new innovations of today, Thanks to the cloud and its technologies, businesses are now in full swing with innovative soft wares from a variety of vendors. Cloud computing provides us with the best applications for the IT tasks at hand without any headache of investment into infrastructure. Now let’s […]

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5 Steps to safeguard your IoT Devices

Security and safeguarding IoT from cyber risks is a very trending aspect amongst different businesses. This should all start with treating each IoT device connected to their network as an operative and incorporate them into existing identity management processes then, later applying the following steps: Provide identity to a device: View IoT devices not as […]

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AI changes the way to collect data in Intelligence Agencies

After adopting the AI system in the government fields, it totally changes the way where agencies meet their missions, particularly in data-heavy agencies such as Intelligence community. Artificial Intelligence is providing faster and in-depth changes. Indeed, AI has the capability to build connections, take actions rapidly and more effectively than people-based processes in the previous. […]

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