Many Challenges in the path of VR Market

Virtual Reality’s sole ability to promote consumer interaction through extremely immersive content gives untapped potential in terms of advertising, the practice of medicine, travel, storytelling, business and many more. VR headsets are easily available at increasingly achievable costs, and more customers have computing hardware capable of supporting the demands of VR software. VR compliances such […]

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US Navy Funded For Amphibious Drone

“Naviator” is an unmanned amphibious drone that has the capability to seamlessly transform and scale the waters. Researchers at Rutgers University took on the task of building this unmanned vehicle. Nevertheless, this is not a new concept, it has been around since 1930. However, the project was scrapped before it could even start. There has […]

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Curiosity Celebrates 4th Anniversary

NASA’s Mars Rover ‘Curiosity’ just celebrated its fourth anniversary of landing on the Red Planet. Scientific and engineering achievements and great exploration are how scientist describe the last four years.   Ashwin Vasavada, Curiosity Project Scientist for NASA said that the company has given the best anniversary gift that rover could hope for, ‘the mission […]

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