Announcing Adaptive Metadata Manager Release 7.1 – The Intelligent Data Governance Solution

Big Data

Announcing_Metadata-300x129 Announcing Adaptive Metadata Manager Release 7.1 – The Intelligent Data Governance SolutionAdaptive, Inc. is pleased to announce the immediate availability of its next generation solution focused on providing confident and timely visibility for Chief Data Officers and Enterprise Governance leaders seeking to manage across their entire data estates and life cycles. Adaptive is a market leader in enabling organizations to capture, organize and manage their glossaries, information models, ontologies, and metadata into its multi-dimensional, intelligent, web based platform.

Adaptive Metadata Manager Release 7.1 (“R7.1”) implements the industry’s first intelligent Data Governance solution, focused on providing programmatic ‘visibility with validation’ for both the business and technical processes that use the data. The important questions such as, ‘am I compliant’, ‘where are my security and risk exposures’, ‘what’s the provenance of this data’, ‘what’s the impact of this proposed data change,’ can only be answered with surety if there is indeed confidence and correctness.  With the myriad of data sources and volume present in most organizations across key functional domains such as Semantic, Database, Business Intelligence, Transformation, Legacy and OLAP it is difficult to rely on collaborative processes alone to derive proper data traceability and lineage. To date, this intelligence gathering is being done through stakeholder communication, often taking months to achieve any level of agreement. Now, through patent pending analytics applied to industry standard models, the Adaptive Metadata Management solution can realize the promise of achieving value early and often, knowing if each life-cycle transition is correct or, if not, the actions and steps required to correct them.

Adaptive Metadata Manager Release 7.1 employs the ability to view, report and take action at any point using the platform’s industry unique versioning capability, creating a historical, multi-dimensional, past, present and future state capability. Jeff Goins, President and CEO of Adaptive, states:

“The ability to capture various sources of data and incorporate programmatic intelligence across stages is essential to maintaining and leveraging metadata in a timely and confident way. The key with our R7.1 release is the application of analytics to the already rock solid repository. A process that used to take weeks and months to validate, verify and agree can now be accomplished in significantly shorter time, thereby delivering a proactive value model to every business.”

Adaptive Metadata Manager Release 7.1 combines the use of actionable dashboards, reports and social capabilities to allow all stakeholders to collaborate on their data definitions, alignment and reporting processes. Adaptive has also introduced new capabilities in R7.1 to facilitate Big Data technologies and frameworks, thereby further expanding the solution reach across both Small and Big Data. In addition, R7.1 incorporates new performance enhancements that improve search and navigation response to meet the demands of the largest data users.