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Executive From Samsung Sentenced Imprisonment For Attempting Leak

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Executive-From-Samsung-Sentenced-Imprisonment-For-Attempting-Leak-300x129 Executive From Samsung Sentenced Imprisonment For Attempting LeakIn the attempt of a trade leak to China the Samsung’s Semiconductor division senior executive was sentenced imprisonment. In July the executive in charge of the quality control of the processor business or tech giant logic chip was caught by the security while attempting to carry copied documents which covered application processor technology data while leaving the compound. The person has been reported to the authorities later. After the two months of investigation, the Police confirmed the executive was attempting to leak the documents to a company in China with no name. Under the trial for violating the industrial technology protection law, a judge ordered the executive imprisonment.


The documents are been retrieved as of now and the law enforcers are still investigating if the same executive has attempted any leak in the past. It is illegal to leak the semiconductor technology which is nominated the core national technology by South Korea without the permission of the authorities. The position of world’s largest business company and second largest semiconductor company in the world is held by Samsung. One of the strategic industries that China has recently designed which will be providing output by the year 2025 with a semiconductor as the core part. Some of the chip firms from the US and South Korea were in the list of purchase by the Tsinghua Unigroup. Recruiters from China are also attempting to hire display and semiconductor experts from the South Korean tech multinationals such as LG, SK Hynix, and Samsung.