Gartner says AI in Digital Commerce is a Success

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Gartner-Says-AI-In-Digital-Commerce-Is-A-Success-150x150 Gartner says AI in Digital Commerce is a Success

The research firm Gartner has conducted a survey recently which justifies that the use of AI in digital commerce companies is a success, where there is 70 percent of organizations who claim to be extremely successful by implementing AI. With three-quarters of the respondents are seen mentioning double-digit improvement outcomes with Customer satisfaction, revenue, and cost reduction as the metrics used to measure the business impact of AI.

Respondents cited improvements of 19, 15 and 15 percent, respectively on customer satisfaction, revenue and cost reduction. The study revealed quality training and in-house skills as the top challenges of AI in digital commerce. In order to overcome these challenges during the implementation of AI, organizations must ones refer to the ‘four pillars of marketing success’, says Brian Baumgart, CEO of Conversion Logic.

A total of 307 digital commerce organizations were a part of this survey and all of them currently understand the adoption, value, success, and challenges of AI. These Organizations are widespread across the globe coming from US, Canada, Brazil, France, Germany, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, India, and China.