IBM to train its facial recognition systems by secretly using NYPD CCTV footage.

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IBM-P_to-_train_-its_-facial_-recognition_-systems_-by_-secretly_-using_-NYPD_-CCTV_-footage.-300x200 IBM to train its facial recognition systems by secretly using NYPD CCTV footage.Facial recognition systems remain a contentious issue for many people, where it can search for a person based on skin tone and gender is now the centre of another controversial report stating that it has been discovered that IBM developed this technology for New York Police Department by using data from the NYPD’s CCTV cameras.

NYPD’s use of facial recognition is a known fact for the public, IBM accessing its department’s surveillance systems was previously an unknown claim. The company actually used footage of New Yorkers in the creation of a program that is able to search for people based on characteristics such as skin tone, hair colour, facial hair, gender, and age.

The report coming from intercept publication stating that the NYPD acquired IBM’s analytics platform from Microsoft’s Vexcel in 2007 and was tested in New York City’s counterterrorism command centre as a part of the Lower Manhattan Security Initiative, 2010 during which the system was functioning on “fewer than fifty” of its centre’s with 512 cameras.

Based on which NYPD decided to stop utilizing controversial analytics tool from 2016 onwards. Nevertheless, with the launch of IBM’s Intelligent Video Analytics 2.0 in 2017 that could automatically label people with tags such as “Asian,” “Black,” and “White” Etc.

Facial recognition got just a little good publicity last month when a system functioning in the US airports spotted its first imposter.