Big Data

Inetu-300x158 INETU AND DATAMETICA PARTNER TO OFFER HIGH-SECURITY BIG DATA CLOUD SOLUTIONSINetU, the customer-centric cloud company, today announced a partnership with DataMetica, one of the largest pure-play Big Data solution providers. The companies are combining their expertise to offer secure, compliant, high performing and optimized cloud for Big Data platforms such as Hadoop or Apache Spark.

“As organizations increasingly take advantage of Big Data, the need for a highly secure cloud environment becomes increasingly important,” explained Dr. Phil Shelley, president at DataMetica Solutions Inc. “By partnering with INetU, which has a long history of providing secure and compliant hosting, we are able to deliver a solution to our clients quickly and cost-effectively along with the highest level of service.”

INetU and DataMetica are providing an optimal environment for storing and processing large amounts of data in the cloud, with the necessary infrastructure flexibility, performance, elasticity and security for any organization. Customers benefit from the cloud in a secure and segregated environment, along with dedicated architecture, dedicated hardware, high-capacity private network connectivity and INetU security certifications.

“We work closely with DataMetica and the client to design and implement the right cloud environment based on their specific business goals, technical requirements and security needs – an approach that has earned us the top spot for customer satisfaction amongst managed cloud solution providers,” said Andrew Hodes, chief technology officer, INetU. “By partnering with DataMetica, we are able to address the specific needs of those organizations that rely on Big Data platforms securely, with a low upfront investment, rapid start-up and the flexibility to scale as needed over time.”

Maintenance, managed service and hardware replacements necessary to productively manage and store data are all provided by INetU and DataMetica. Customers pay an incremental monthly expense as needs and capacity grow, and they can easily scale on demand. Interested clients can take advantage of the free proof of concept INetU and DataMetica are currently offering. DataMetica will work with the customer to install, configure, tune and optimize their Hadoop environments in a dedicated, secure and segregated environment.