Is Big Data a Threat or a Savior

Big Data

BigData2-300x189 Is Big Data a Threat or a SaviorBig data in a data lake is a collection of individual data sources, which is accessed over network connections located in the cloud. It simply adopts big data approach by computing with newly identified vulnerabilities. When there is any data breach, big data ensures the substantial nature of the breach.
Big data complicates the process of threat detection by distributing these identified vulnerabilities. Instead of making a single database to secure a company, it uses dozens of them to support as many direct forms as possible. So, how can we distinguish between an authorized access and an automated big data interface? Big data is assumed as a medium which breaks the security. In fact, IT decision makers consider that big data makes security software harder to process. More than 81 percent of IT decision makers assume that they were somewhat of confusions involved in security issues associated with big data.
But still, big data is the main part of security solutions in global IT sectors. The security threat detection and mitigation wholly depends on analyzing telemetry. Data application and servers, user access, network traffic, profiling all lead to security analytics for determining whether the enterprise is under attack or not. This just sounds similar to big data environment, as it includes security as an analytics overlay.