NRF’s Retail Big Show States the Impact of Big Data in the Retail Industry

Big Data

BigData3-300x189 NRF’s Retail Big Show States the Impact of Big Data in the Retail IndustryData is one of the key aspects running the IT industry nowadays. With data being the critical part of many operations, it is very important to know its significance in the market. Digital shopping and retail are taking over the brick and mortar industry today leading to huge data collection in the retail databases.
This year has witnessed huge tech conferences like CES, SXSW, Web Summit and Dreamforce where data is the core of many innovations. The National Retail Federation’s Big Show is another addition to the data-driven events of the year 2018. This clearly states that the retail industry is now driven by data insights and the technologies. The NRF Event held in New York was also powered by data-centric technologies.
NRF’s Retail Big Show- as the name suggests, this event is about data in the retail spaces. A whirlwind event packed with smart people and smart conversations stole the attention of many. The interior of the event witnessed massive halls of Manhattan’s Jacob Javits Center providing things we can just dream off. The event witnessed some key data-driven innovations for future times.