Smart Check-Out Technology in Data-Driven Retail Stores

Big Data

BigData4-300x189 Smart Check-Out Technology in Data-Driven Retail StoresMany of us in the US are aware of Amazon Go; the convenience store concept in the e-commerce giant is now in its testing stages at Seattle, Washington. The NRF event has provided us with a keen indication that we’ll be seeing a lot more of this in the near future.
According to the information provided Amazon Go, will provide customers the facility to rush in and rush out without any waiting lines. All of this will be based on data connections which are enabled by mobile devices. The customers need to download the Amazon Go app and scan their phones at the turnstiles while entering the store. Shelf sensors and cameras will then note when a product is picked up by the shopper. The system will then automatically keep a track on the items chosen by each shopper allowing a seamless transaction through the app without waiting for the cashier.
Just a second, Amazon isn’t the only company developing such smart checkout technologies, other retailers will be experimenting with the same, soon. Working on consumer data and insights implications will be interesting for many quick shoppers. Through convenience store concept, Amazon or other stores will be able to connect with their shoppers in e-commerce purchases and bricks-and-mortar purchases faster than ever. With e-commerce presence retailers can now provide valuable insights along with shopper preferences and behavior distinctions of individual customers.