When to avoid using Data Lake

Big Data

BigData5-300x189 When to avoid using Data LakeData Lake is now the buzzword running in the IT environments today, but it is not for everyone. Some companies just do not bother about reading it which might turn into the worst nightmare later. There are interpretations that data lakes are not for real-time work. If you are looking for real-time, up-to-date info then definitely Data Lake is not your choice because it consists of historical data. The main requirement in such times is a fast, transactional system.

Some industries even avoid using data lakes because of its unorganized nature. It doesn’t provide a strong data governance of random files and documents, and lack basic knowledge about it also. On the other hand, prerequisite can provide strong data-governance positions. The organization has to be an intermediate or advanced to govern data processes in a data lake. Data lakes are a sign of laziness in most cases as it does not feature any strategic thinking. Laziness in this context, it refers to the thinking to put data in one place and think about it later.

A data lake with no purpose is an expensive and conspiring approach. It has to be backed with a lot of strategic understanding to call it an excellent way to store information. It has to facilitate functions like analyzing over time data and customer patterns.