HMHS Leader Focuses on Rapid Evolution

MikeMalec_Headshot_Nov2018 HMHS Leader Focuses on Rapid Evolution
Mick Malec, President & COO, HM Health Solutions

HM Health Solutions (HMHS) has proved itself to be a powerful force in the health care industry since its inception in 2014. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, HMHS is a rapidly evolving solutions company with 3,000 employees that serve 12 health plan customers and their combined 10 million members. As a subsidiary of Highmark Health, HMHS has the industry expertise and leading capabilities to offer an integrated end-to-end health payer administration solution, helping health plans grow, gain efficiencies, and achieve economies of scales. By providing business processes, expert knowledge, and a cloud-based platform, HMHS stays committed to proving how technology can transform health care. 

A rapidly evolving company needs a revolutionary leader. Mick Malec is that leader. A 25-year veteran of the health care tech industry, Mick joined HMHS in 2018 as COO. As a testament to his strong leadership, Mick was promoted to president and COO in June 2019. As president, he provides strategic oversight and continued operational leadership to deliver excellent service and solutions for health plan customers and their members. Mick has brought unwavering dedication to meeting the needs of HMHS health plan customers, and a fresh perspective to the Enterprise Health Solution (EHS) Platform. By putting a greater emphasis on HMHS’ core values of customer first, purposeful execution, and transformational leadership, he’s influenced an innovative culture of transparency, accountability, and delivery. Mick says that following these values will help push HMHS forward in our rapidly changing industry.

“HMHS is evolving to be the best,” Mick says. “With a sharper focus on customers, innovation, and quality, we support Highmark Health’s mission to create a remarkable health experience, freeing people to be their best.” And when it comes to quality, Mick stressed that it includes keeping their customers’ data secure. 

He says, “Data security is an integral part of any health care tech business. With cybersecurity becoming an increasingly topical issue in today’s industry, we make it a top priority to keep our customers’ information safe.”

With the threat of potential security risks increasing every year, HMHS protects their health plan customers’ data with a Tier 3, HITRUST-certified Data Center that provides 24/7/365 availability and support. 

“Our security experts work with our health plan customers to enable a highly secure, reliable, and integrated delivery model,” Mick says.

With Mick at the helm, HMHS is quickly becoming a catalyst that’s igniting a revolution in health care tech. We’re proud to feature HMHS as one of the most trusted health care tech companies of 2019.