How EQUIS is being seen as “A Modern Healthcare Industry Benchmark” in offering Remote Patient Care & Monitoring?

Equis-Group How EQUIS is being seen as “A Modern Healthcare Industry Benchmark” in offering Remote Patient Care & Monitoring?
David Zimmers, CEO I Bryan Conklin, President, Equis Medical Consulting

Equis Consulting Group (“EQUIS” or “the group”), with its mission to improve the lives of implanted device patients, identifies actionable clinical events and effectively communicates all pertinent information to point-of-care clinics. By employing EQUIS’ remote monitoring services, device clinics are ensured to provide superior patient care, while still being clinically efficient. With most of the EQUIS’ staff having 20+ years of clinical experience, EQUIS’ services ensure clinics have access to more skilled-staff of licensed clinical personnel, who are dedicated to providing excellent services to patients.

With over 150,000 patients under its vigilant care, and working closely with 70+ hospitals and clinics all across the nation, EQUIS has made its presence known in the industry. By offering its clinical experience and consulting services, EQUIS assists clinics and hospitals to stay compliant with Medicare billing guidelines. EQUIS’ expert service enables clinics to access patient data to facilitate quick and easy billing, without the need to hire additional personnel.

EQUIS, having grown to be a national leader in its space, has clinics and hospital customers all over the US ranging from mid-sized private practices, large health systems, For-Profit health systems, and University health systems.

Specialized in process improvement, implementation of clinical best practices, communication with key clinical providers, remote heart failure monitoring, and scheduled remote device analysis, the group, by continually updating its service portfolio, is always on the look to include new devices and technologies. EQUIS with its honesty, integrity, and compassion has made its presence known well in the remote healthcare field.

With services spanning from daily patient monitoring, through to screening clinically relevant data, to helping clinical staff triage patient information for better patient outcomes, EQUIS provides this data in a timely manner to positively impact patient quality of care.

Hospitals and clinics, by outsourcing their remote monitoring, can transform themselves, bringing in new value to their patient care services. By enabling its clinics to mine the data, EQUIS ensures,

  • Better patient outcomes
  • Increase in clinic capacity
  • Maximize reimbursement
  • Minimize billing errors
  • Decrease medical liability
  • Increase in RVUs (Relative Value Units)

EQUIS brings the convenience and efficiency of attended remote monitoring to implanted device patients. The group provides solutions to clinics both large and small, adding qualified human assets and completing the overwhelming amount of checks that could seem to be a daunting task for the device clinics. In addition, EQUIS also provides clinics the requisite device information, while still working within their EMR. Eventually, EQUIS has developed and refined integration into multiple different EMR systems – EPIC, Centricity, GEMMS, Alscripts, Athena, Greenway, etc. – to streamline the process. This saves valuable clinical time for staff and eliminates the need to hire and train additional employees, which often is a costly affair. EQUIS, with its home-based monitoring services, ensures clinics offer a higher level of patient care without the expense or administrative burden.

Monitoring all device alerts such as battery life; lead failure; atrial fibrillation; Atrial and Ventricular Tachycardia; defibrillations; and congestive heart failure diagnostics; EQUIS enables clinics to stay abrupt of critical changes. By adhering very strictly to all Medicare guidelines, EQUIS ensures all proper intervals for interrogations are scheduled for maximum compliance and reimbursement.

The team at EQUIS, with its 150+ years combined industry experience, is well proven to assist clinical staff in providing relevant patient information and quality care in a timely manner.

EQUIS was co-founded in 2012 by David Zimmers (CEO) and Bryan Conklin (President). David, having worked for both Medtronic and St. Jude, had first-hand witnessed the difficulty clinics face while trying to manage the increasing volume of device patients. During his stint at Lean Sigma engineers, David felt the need to develop a service to meet the acute needs of health care providers and their patients.

David, who started his professional career as a pharmaceutical sales representative at Merck in 1989, quickly climbed the hierarchy ladder, serving at various high-level positions, ranging from training, sales management, marketing, and managed care.

Bryan, who has over thirty-five years of successful leadership experience, working with Fortune 500 Corporations, Top 100 Private Corporations, and founding or contributing to entrepreneurial start-ups, is a valuable asset to the EQUIS team. Prior to co-founding EQUIS, Bryan served as the National Accounts Director of a private Fortune 100 Company with the mission of fostering problem-solving ideas.

With remote device follow-up figures doubling up over the past four years, estimates suggest the figures will double up yet again in the next four years. Although this has increased patient flow efficiency, it is nearing the scalable limit point, where the scalability for clinical staff at many physician office practices and hospital clinics, seizes to exist. Furthermore, with the huge amount of clinically relevant data that these remote devices are adding-up on a daily basis, most of which get discarded due to the sheer volume, if this data were to be examined carefully, it could be used to provide better patient outcomes.