Enhanced Retail Solutions Announces New Retail Link Capabilities in its Intelligent Retail Software Platform


Enhanced_Retail Enhanced Retail Solutions Announces New Retail Link Capabilities in its Intelligent Retail Software PlatformEnhanced Retail Solutions (ERS), a leading provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) retail analytic and demand planning solutions to suppliers, their retail trading partners and licensors announced an enhancement to the replenishment tracking capabilities within its Intelligent Retail Software Platform. The terminology used within the software will be familiar to anyone who has used Walmart’s Retail Link before, and the concepts are the same at other retailers as well.

Users have long been able to upload, store, and view whether their stores are traited and valid within ERS’ Retail Sales Analysis Software. This ensures they knew which stores are carrying a program during any given week of selling. Filtering out stores or items that are not part of a replenishment program is a key to quickly and accurately fulfill the duties as a vendor (or retailer) when forecasting sales, directing inventory to stores, and general management of a program.

The newest additions provide ERS customers with the ability to dynamically calculate and store historical Instocks: from detailed store-SKU level, to department level and even to retailer company level. This information has always been available when using numerical filters for on hand with some additional formulas on the Excel output. Now it can be provided as a calculated column in reports themselves, which can be measured against either the total active stores, or Instocks for traited stores only.

The new capabilities now show top level Instock reports at the executive summary level by department. A user can also choose to quickly drill down to a result that identifies which items or stores are driving their Instock problems. They can also now provide a weekly exception report of stores that are out of stock and need replenishment, as well as answers to many other detailed replenishment questions. Pivot table reports summarizing Instocks at any level can be set up to track progress over the course of the last 13 weeks, month by month, or even year over year.

“We decided to save our customers the pain of doing this extra work themselves” said Paul Warren, VP and President of Consulting at Enhanced Retail Solutions.