U.S.A Govt. severe thrash on Google?

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U.S.A_-Govt.-_severe_-thrash_-on_-Google-300x169 U.S.A Govt. severe thrash on Google?In the United States, the administration looks to be gearing a war with Google. The firm has the capacity to survive an attack with a backing from the U.S. had their backs — but in this scenario, it is the reverse, the U.S. appears to be one of the attackers. Unless serious changes took, the firm is likely to go the way of Gawker (ironically Gawker is on its way back) or let’s say Alphabet’s CEO (Alphabet is the parent of Google) has apparently gone into hibernation, which is a bad effect.

The Fall of Google being the main focus, mostly because the firm most likely is soon going to break down and its CEO in hibernation. This isn’t shocking about Eric Schmidt, CEO as he was known to have a string of romantic associations, and rumoured with a plea to step down. According to the coverage in the book Brotopia, his conduct was barely unusual. But seeing the new spotlight on #MeToo, this is kinda problematical.

• Google may have foreseen the potential problems when adopted “don’t be evil” motto through the creation of Alphabet, dropping google from the code of conduct. Probed by the behaviour of its leaders, it was considered unachievable. This was just the beginning…
• Google’s problems grew with the call of the European Commission, along with Sun and Oracle, to persuade it to charge massive fines against Microsoft and compel it to open its operating system to competing browsers. Boy, talk about a red flag…
• Google currently faces a fine greater than Microsoft’s penalty and a proposal to be fined 5 per cent of its total worldwide revenue for every terrorist message it fails to delete within 60 minutes.
• With Facebook and Twitter not very impressed, it would take only 20 late deletions for Google to lose a year of revenue which implies 100 misses would result in five years of revenue lost.

To put this in perspective, Google makes around US$50 billion a year, so 100 missed messages would cost the firm a quarter of a trillion dollars.
Let’s just brief the situation by saying, rather than defending Google and the social media companies, the U.S.A administration is likely to levy its own fines or file charges against the firm.The Republicans love a risk-free revenue source, and this one closely tied to Democratise allies likely would be especially sweet.