AvaLAN Wireless Systems, Inc: Pioneer in Wireless Ethernet

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Matt-Nelson-HeadShot-Updated-JPG AvaLAN Wireless Systems, Inc: Pioneer in Wireless Ethernet
                Matt Nelson, CEO

Founded in 2004, AvaLAN Wireless is a pioneer in the long range wireless Ethernet market developing and manufacturing customized, fail-proof connectivity solutions. Squarely positioned within the Industrial Internet segment of the Internet of Things (IoT) landscape. AvaLAN delivers embedded and stand alone products for indoor and long distance outdoor applications to meet a growing need for connected devices. The company’s solutions are utilized in environments requiring always-on, highly secure wireless connectivity including the industrial, physical security, energy, retail, government, and healthcare industries. Its products perform well under the most challenging environmental conditions including circumstances where speed, distance, and power consumption are critical factors. The primary market applications for the company’s devices include digital signage, access control, smart grid, surveillance, retail point-of-sale, Industrial Ethernet, remote sensing, and remote control.


AvaLAN is better positioned for growth in the IoT market today than they have ever been.  The industrial internet of things (IIoT) is embracing the cost savings and efficiency gains that result when devices are connected, data is gathered and devices are centrally managed.  AvaLAN has combined multiple solutions that they have developed to pursue the retail fuel center market in addition to their other IIoT vertical markets.  The retail fuel center market has existed with old and outdated technologies for many years and can greatly benefit from new technology and innovation.  AvaLAN’s solutions are ideally suited for the fuel center environment due in part to their secure communications techniques and our 24×7 link reliability in an outdoor environment.  AvaLAN is seeing explosive demand for their products and technology which is a direct result of the overall growth in the IIoT market.


AvaLAN believes in a simple approach to product design in order to minimize the required technical support. With over 70,000 units shipped to-date, the company’s methodology is paying off with consistent purchase orders and a fail rate of 0.005%. The company has full design ownership of hardware, firmware, software, protocol, and encryption. This approach to product design and manufacturing produces highly secure solutions, allows the company to address unique customer needs, and limits concerns about potential integration risks and the company’s ability to meet future demand. AvaLAN has products that fall into multiple Internet of Things markets such as digital signage, retail POS, fuel centers, automation, security and smart grid.


AvaLAN’s culture is the cornerstone of its success and is grounded in a shared set of values, values of integrity, compassion, inclusion &openness and a strong commitment to purposeful action and customer satisfaction. This is accomplished through constant communication that reinforces core values, encourages the heart and inspires a shared vision.