Concirrus: Bringing Information to Life

Special Edition
image001-300x180 Concirrus: Bringing Information to Life
         Andrew Yeoman, CEO

Concirrus believes that in the future, businesses will be divided into those that have baked IoT into their business model, and those that used to exist. Businesses, organizations, towns and cities are generating and collating huge volumes of data. Most of that information remains invisible and underutilized, sitting in silos where it is fragmented or simply out of date. At the same time, technology now ables us to harvest more and more information from our physical environment. Sensors and devices allow us to see what is really happening in the world around us, and in ever-increasing detail. Yet businesses and organizations are unable to translate this vast quantity of data into meaningful decisions and actions. In short, opportunities to take advantage of this information are being lost.


Concirrus is on a mission to bring the world’s information to life by making it simple, useful and accessible. Their software harmonizes existing data systems and integrates them with live information from the physical world. This enables them to extract true meaning from the data and translate it into actionable insights. Historical data is made relevant and usable, whatever its format.


Combined with live information from the billions of sensors and devices that are connecting to the internet, this provides unprecedented visibility and reveals new insights. It allows organizations to revolutionize the way they think and act, amplifying their decision making power, and providing a catalyst to create new products and service offerings. Concirrus see this as key to unlocking the true potential offered by the Internet of Things.


Their wider vision and business expertise allows them to offer enterprise-level software, transforming the fundamental DNA of their customers’ business models.


Concirrus use software to harvest information from an extensive range of sources including live sensor data, historical, static and off-line as well as from disparate or fragmented systems.


This information is then ingested into the Concirrus ecosystem and digested using a unique blend of leading edge analytical algorithms and machine learning. This allows them to translate complex and extensive information into uniquely enriched narratives which are easy to understand and act on.


From airports and smart cities, through to vehicle and marine insurance, they have helped their clients connect, see and know the information that was previously unknown to them.


Their short term future plan is to bring their product offering to a wider audience as developments within the IoT space gather momentum.


Their business expertise enables them to understand how their customers’ organizations operate and their focus is on revolutionizing business models and baking IoT into everything their customers do. They have a single-minded focus on offering products that address real, human needs and that are simple and accessible and do not require large initial investments. They work iteratively with their customers in order to build confidence within their organizations, demonstrating ROI at every step of the process.


All of this helps Concirrus to offer the kind of products that revolutionize the way businesses, organizations and cities think and act.