Ensizon : The next big thing: IoT with artificial intelligence

Special Edition
Lahiru_Ensiz-240x300 Ensizon : The next big thing: IoT with artificial intelligence
        Lahiru Perera, CEO

Ensiz is a young technology company focused in developing cutting edge IoT products and systems. Inspired by creativity and driven by innovation, we create awesome IoT products for different industries. Our vision is to research new possibilities and take new approaches in IoT product development, to offer products and solutions to bring positive change to human lifestyle. In Ensiz we have created a vibrant and dynamic culture which foster creativity and innovation within our teams. We are headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, have a sophisticated R&D centre in the beautiful island of Sri Lanka and have operations in US, Australia and New Zealand.We are planning expand our services and operations to Europe by 2017.


Lahiru Perera– CEO of Ensiz, strongly believes that each business should look forward to embrace the rapid growth of technology as it will disrupt most of the industries sooner or later. Internet of things been considered as the next big wave in the tech world and companies should jump on board to innovate their products, services and their operations in parallel to this big wave. In fact, internet of things was always around in the past but the recent innovations in the technology and connectivity now provide the opportunity to connect psychical products with each other and with cloud more easily and conveniently. We believe that accessibility to Artificial Intelligence as a service in the cloud will become popular in the upcoming years allowing both IoT and software only systems to bring artificial intelligence to their products. Connected devices and systems will not be dumb anymore and will have some sort of advanced artificial intelligence capabilities making them truly ‘smart’.


Ensiz is your innovation partner in IoT and software development. At Ensiz, we help businesses to bring innovation to their products and services, especially bringing IoT capabilities to their products and systems. With wealth of experiences as the pioneers in the field and having resourceful R&D centres with both hardware and software specialists, we become a part of your team in creating awesome IoT and software. You could extend your existing team to prepare for the next big wave of IoT, initiate join ventures with us for awesome IoT products or you could have your own dedicated specialist team with us. Ecoh – A smart wearable communications device for kids (patent pending) and Prix – Smart drug testing device for industrial usage are two of the many IoT products recently we have been working on. Healthcare, home automation, transportation and lifestyle are major industries we are interested in introducing IoT innovation.


Ensiz’s mission is to be pioneers in the IoT product & system development in the industry by positioning ourselves as a company which introduce innovation through creativity. We will continue to grow our IoT portfolio and will actively involve in carrying out research and development to bring awesome IoT products to life – products and systems which are intelligent, smart and elegantly crafted to positively change the human lifestyle.