Gaonic: Helping Enterprises to reimagine

Special Edition
Rami_SHA_02471-200x300 Gaonic: Helping Enterprises to reimagine

    Rami Rafelli, CEO


Gaonic is a leading provider of all-in-one industrial IoT cloud-based platformRami_SHA_02471-200x300 Gaonic: Helping Enterprises to reimagine solution to capture and collect any network data, process the data, analyze it, create actionable insights and the application in real time at any scale enabling Smart Enterprises and industrial IoT vendors to create better operation yield and to maximize saving. Their aim is to provide industrial enterprises with the shortest route to turn their big data into actionable insights. In order to do so they created the first platform solution that covers all stages needed to achieve this goal, cutting the development process from years to days.


Gaonic’s modular solution covers everything from connecting any physical object to the cloud, to data management, advanced real-time analytics and insights. The connected device can be immediately monitored on an easy to use customized visualization application, which provides data driven performance shows trends and creates predictions and recommendations.


Gaonic applications wizard allows companies to easily create alerts that manage operation performance, save energy, manage inventory, customer service and more.They are currently working with energy companies, OEM manufactures, Industrial integrators, and hoping to expand its reach to other industrial categories and markets.


Gaonic is at the forefront of helping Enterprises and IoT vendors implement new technologies that not only bring increased operational efficiency, but also recast their customers’ experiences, revolutionize business models and enable companies to reimagine how their industries operate and what kind of service to provide.


The field of IoT technologies have developed and evolved over the past decade in drastic ways, but there is still a lot of confusion caused by lack of best practices. Many companies tend to choose partial solutions and find themselves incompatibility problems. Other companies try to develop everything from scratch, ending up in projects that cost millions and take years.


After working for over 17 years on various IoT platforms, it is clear to me now that IoT platforms solution will change the way many conduct business. This technological shift is challenging some of the oldest industries which still struggling to understand the implications of the industrial IoT on their business and to explore new ways of thinking about their identities, and Gaonic is playing a central role in driving these transformations.


Gaonic Connect-and-Play cloud IoT platform solution is an all-in-one solution that, without any code integration, allows companies to capture and manage un imaginable amount of data from any physical object.


The solution has a proven ability to optimize operational collaboration to cut down expenses (by reducing maintenance cost, product loss and by saving energy) to help make better decisions in selecting service providers and vendors and to improve customer service.


Gaonic was started in 2014 and has since grown to full custom solution that fits the needs of various industrial verticals. On the product side Gaonic always works to improve the depth of its analytics and predictions covering the full needs of more industrial verticals and to reduce the time to market deployment. On the business side Gaonic is exploring new ventures and cooperation in the fields of Resources, Utilities, Renewable energy, Water, Food and Beverage, Agriculture, Asset management and more.