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Dr. Mirko Lehmann, CEO

Swiss sensor manufacturer celebrate 25 years offering physical, chemical and bio sensors for all IoT industries

In only a few decades, Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG succeeded in going from being a simple thin-film nickel sensor manufacturer, to broadening its product portfolio, and offer services and consulting within micro system technology and development for all IoT industries. The company located in Ebnat-Kappel, Switzerland continuously looks ahead and strives to be among the best companies on the market to satisfy the customer’s needs.


Located in Ebnat-Kappel, Switzerland in the mountain region of Toggenburg in St. Gallen, Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG can soon celebrate the fourth year in their new building. “Our focus is on development of physical, chemical and bio sensors and on bringing new products to the market that meets the requirement of our customers,”says CEO Dr. Mirko Lehmann.


Ever expanding product portfolio

Innovative Sensor Technology dates back to 1991, where the company counted only three employees. The main target was developing a nickel sensor based on the well-known thin-film technology combined with thick-film technology. Over the next couple of years, the technology portfolio was expanded, bringing also platinum temperature sensors to the market, based on new thin-film technology. The different technologies now results in more than 4000 different products and the company supplies various IoT industries on the market. Further to temperature IST AG also develop and manufacture sensors measuring gas and liquid flow, capacitive humidity sensors and modules, conductivity sensors and latest, bio sensors, after acquiring Jobst Technologies, located in Freiburg, Germany in early 2015. The newest member of the family, the bio sensors, detects analytes such as glucose, lactate, glutamine and glutamate. The enzymatic biosensor comprises an enzyme, which recognizes and reacts with the target analyte generating a chemical signal, a transducer, which produces a physical signal out of that chemical one, and an electronic amplifier, which conditions and amplifies the signal.


25 years offering physical, chemical and bio sensors

Today’s product offering reflects the development, which IST AG has been undergoing the last two decades. In addition to the broad portfolio of sensors elements, IST AG is offering their customers not only the possibility of a sensor fitted to their application need in terms of customization, but also technology support in terms of new technology and sensor development and consultation. “This year we celebrate our 25th anniversary as one of the leading suppliers of physical, chemical and biological sensors. It has been an amazing journey and I can honestly say that we all, here at IST AG, look forward to the next big steps in sensor development”, says CEO Dr. Mirko Lehmann.


Today, the company employees more than 200 people, globally. The increase in employees came as a result of many good customer relationships based on various product developments and applications. “Each year we develop more than 200 new sensors to specifically suit our customers’ needs. Looking back, I think it is fair to say, that we have developed on many levels. This is mainly based on the trust and good relationships we have enjoyed with our customers since the beginning and the enthusiasm and loyalty of our employees”, Mirko Lehmann finishes.