Produvia : Embracing the diversity of a fragmented IOT world

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arnon Produvia : Embracing the diversity of a fragmented IOT world
          Arnon Mordoh, CEO

The value of the Internet of Things does not lie in the individual products themselves, but in the connections they can make and the interaction between devices and data to create killer services. Maybe the biggest hurdle in the way of realizing this vision is the inability of the industry to agree on common interfaces and usage models for IOT devices.


Produvia is a start-up software company developing IOT middleware solutions that aim to reduce the complexity for developers to integrate consumer grade devices into IOT applications. By lowering the bar for developers to integrate IOT devices, many innovative use cases will emerge.


Presently, a multitude of competing standards organizations lay claim to being the IOT universal interconnect standard. The W3C has compiled an overview that currently counts 32 different consortia. This puts developers of applications and devices for the Internet of Things in an impossible position that, ironically, results in a sub-optimal outcome for the ecosystem. Any potential IoT standard rises and falls with developer adoption. It is third party manufacturers that need to be convinced to buy into an ecosystem, and design products with that ecosystems standard in mind. Often, cost and time constraints require developers and manufacturers to focus on a single supported platform. With so many to choose from, they are required to bet on which standard will become dominant, or alternatively, decide to control their own destiny with a proprietary solution (as many do). This leads to an unavoidable segmentation of the market and delay the creation and adoption of new services.


“We believe that the only way to realize the full potential of the ‘Internet Of Things’ is by embracing the diversity in this space. Only by forming an ecosystem of service developers, sensor and smart device manufacturers, data integration services and analytics and automated decision support systems, will this technology thrive” says Arnon Mordoh Produvia’s CEO.


WeavingThings by Produvia is attempting to address this situation by providing a middleware cloud service that acts as a dynamic ecosystem connectivity layer, between the applications layer and the physical devices. WeavingThings is vendor agnostic, enabling the integration of consumer grade devices into services & applications in minutes. WeavingThings automatically detects smart devices which are relevant to a certain service and dynamically connects them with the application, transparent to the developer or the end-user. This allows the application to be agnostic to the device brand and its method of connectivity. When using WeavingThings, developers can, with a simple and single API, work through the interoperability problems and tackle the problem from an ecosystem perspective.


“We see WeavingThings becoming the glue that connects different devices, IOT platforms and data services across different IOT verticals. This is an essential component in creating a unified ecosystem that can interoperate and take advantage of the required functionality to implement amazing use cases. Developers need the tools and simple abstractions in order to concentrate on their innovations.” added Arnon.


Produvia was founded by industry veterans that bring many years of experience in real-time software, networking and cloud based software development. For more information contact Produvia at