Z-Wave Alliance: leads IoT interoperability and device security

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Mitchel-Klein-Z-Wave-ED-High-Res-8x12-200x300 Z-Wave Alliance: leads IoT interoperability and device security
Mitchell Klein, Executive Director

The Z-Wave Alliance is a global membership organization dedicated to advancing the Z-Wave wireless IoT protocol. As the leading wireless home control technology in the market today, the Z-Wave IoT ecosystem includes over 1500 certified interoperable products worldwide, 50 million devices in the market and over 375 member companies. The Alliance is comprised of industry leaders throughout the globe that are dedicated to the development and extension of Z-Wave as the key enabling technology for smart home and business applications. Members share a goal to bring wireless products and services to market that work together seamlessly, regardless of brand or vendor.  This interoperability between IoT products and brands is unique to Z-Wave and not found in other protocols.


Z-Wave devices range from connected lights, locks, sensors, security panels, thermostats, controllers and hubs for both residential and light commercial environments. These products are powering revolutions in smart home, home safety and security, healthcare and independent aging. With backwards compatibility and interoperability across brands, the Z-Wave platform has been adopted by almost every major home security provider, telecom and smart home manufacturer in North America. With the recent release of the Security 2 framework for Z-Wave devices to protect against hackers and breaches, manufacturers, service providers, integrators and consumers can be assured that Z-Wave has the safest and most secure standard in the market.


For the past ten years, Z-Wave Alliance has been the authoritative presence in the smart home, security and IoT industries with the interoperable, backwards compatible Z-Wave technology reigning as the market leader. With each coming year, it is the number one goal to remain the market leader and keep Z-Wave smart home products at the forefront of IoT and connected homes. In order to achieve this goal, Z-Wave Alliance constantly works to educate consumers about products and Z-Wave technology.  The bottom line is understanding consumer needs, informing them of their product options and giving users products that work and uphold the Z-Wave standard.


With a proliferation of IoT startups in the space, the Z-Wave Alliance launched Z-Wave Labs, a yearlong global competition to support and incentivize IoT innovation on the Z-Wave platform. Z-Wave Labs accepts application entries from start-up companies and entrepreneurs looking to bring IoT products to market with Z-Wave inside. This competition is an important initiative for Z-Wave as it is designed to lower the barrier of entry for new companies to develop IoT products.


One of the main focuses of the Alliance is to increase awareness, adoption and size of the Z-Wave product ecosystem. Through Z-Wave Labs and work within a variety of markets like smart security, home management and aging-in-place, Z-Wave Alliance strives to offer the best IoT interoperable devices and encourages new innovators and manufacturers to join the Alliance.Z-Wave Alliance is able to offer the largest variety of products and have sold over 35 million devices worldwide through its work with close to 400 IoT companies from large corporations to start-ups. One of the biggest demands Z-Wave Alliance and its manufacturers have recognized is the need for easy to install and use products that create lifestyle ease, improve health and make home utilities more affordable. Through marketing initiatives, social platforms and event participation Z-Wave Alliance continues to make it easy for consumers and manufactures to connect directly and communicate needs.