Oil Data Specialist Oseberg Introduces Artificial Intelligence-powered Consulting Division

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Oil_Data_Specialist_Oseberg_Introduces_Artificial_Intelligence-powered_Consulting_Division Oil Data Specialist Oseberg Introduces Artificial Intelligence-powered Consulting DivisionOklahoma City-based, oil data specialist Oseberg has developed a new consulting practice aimed to remove and delivering actionable data intelligence from physical and scanned documents. The company offers a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform to oil companies that enable them to more easily access and utilize public data from state, federal, and county records.

Instituted in 2009, Oseberg’s SaaS products allow customers to explore, map, mine, and statistically assess every inch of data and decreasing weeks or months of works to days and a matter of hours. To achieve this, the company utilizes Machine Learning, web scraping, and NPL (Natural Language Processing) to take out germane clauses obscured in Byzantine documents, making a high-quality, and normalized, structured data set as a finished product. Upstream and midstream oil & gas industry customers utilize the company’s data intelligence services making smarter and quicker decisions, forecasting activity, exploring opportunities, and monitoring rivals. At present, Oseberg offers data for Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico, along with more states on the way. The company’s clients include Orion, BP, and Canaan Resource Partners.

Now, Oseberg has built a novel consulting practice that will utilize their proprietary improved technology to aggregate constructive and clearly presented data from large volumes of physical and scanned documents, involving legal filings and archival materials. The practice will be directed by Dean Williams, a strategy and information services expert with over 25 years of experience in upstream oil & gas. The technology is presently being utilized by one of the world’s largest management consultancies to better scrutinize well economics and cost trends in the service sector, as noted by Oseberg.