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10-Core Chip And Android 6 Incorporated Into Mediatek’s Developer Board

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10-Core-Chip-And-Android-6-Incorporated-Into-Mediatek’s-Developer-Board-300x129 10-Core Chip And Android 6 Incorporated Into Mediatek’s Developer BoardDeveloper’s boards like the Raspberry Pi are getting more power in order to run faster, more graphics-heavy applications and 4K graphics. The Mediatek X20 development board was given PC-like computing power for just $199. From companies like LeEco and Meizu using the same 10-core chip that is also used in the X20 developer board. Although it is not confirmed if the OS will be upgraded to Android 7 or not but as of now the boards are installed with Android 6.


While quad-core chips are considered powerful or the smartphones and tablets but in the case of this board will put the 10-core chip to better use. A Mali T-880 graphics processor is also used on the board. The board can be used to run mobile Virtual Reality apps as it has the capability to run 4K videos and record VP9 and HEVC formats. The board can be a test place for mobile application development alongside being used as a media or file server or an Android PC.


Stephane Le Provost, senior technical director at MediaTek USA mentioned in a statement that this board would help the company to determine the further use of the 10-core X20 chip in other potential devices.