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10 Interesting Facts About Google Allo Part-II

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10-Interesting-Facts-About-Google-Allo-Part-I-300x129 10 Interesting Facts About Google Allo Part-IIWeather from anywhere at any time

Users can ask their Allo app to tell them the local weather and weather from any part of the world. Not only that, users can also ask the app about the weather forecast for next week.

Jokes, interesting facts, and more

Users can ask their Allo app to tell them a joke or some interesting facts about something. All they have to do is to ask the assistant for a joke.

Share images

Well by now we already know that the assistant can read what you write or can scan a barcode etc. but it can also see the images you send it.

Play music videos

Users can find and play music while being inside the Allo app. Just search for an artist or title of a song and Allo will find it for you and play it.


Users can subscribe to daily news or magazine etc. the iteration can also be altered for the same.

Play chat games

Here is a bummer Allo is as much fun-loving, as you want it to be. The digital assistant can play games with you such as quizzes, puzzles etc. just ask your assistant for games and it will show you some interesting choices.