100 Gigabit Switch Is Out, 400 Gigabit Is The Next Target


400-Gigabit 100 Gigabit Switch Is Out, 400 Gigabit Is The Next TargetThe Open Compute Project has accepted the 100 Gigabit switch design from Facebook the social media giant. An open ecosystem of software and hardware on high-speed networking gear can be nurtured with this step. Omar Baldonado, director of software engineering on Facebook’s networking team said in a statement The 32-port Wedge 100 is the follow-on to Facebook’s Wedge 40 that was familiarized about two years ago and now in use in essentially all of the company’s data centers.


This is nothing but a faster version of the same switch, which helps increase the port speed up to 100Gbps from a mere 40Gbps. Some features like the LED status light of the cooling fans and the removable cover with no instruments required are a few features added by Google and has made service easier. Baldonado said the company has already deployed hundreds and thousands of the Wedge 100 and Wedge 40 switches respectively and is now targeting for the 400 Gigabit mark.


Facebook is also trying to promote standard networking hardware those are not tied to built-in software. To aid in this process Facebook is utilizing networking project of OCP. The company has designed the wedge 100 to be used in the company itself and submitted it to OCP for reviewing.