10nm Chip Production Started By Samsung


Samsung_10_nm 10nm Chip Production Started By SamsungLogic chip using a 10-nanometer process production was started announced Samsung Electronics. The chips will be powering an IT product that is scheduled to launch next year said the South Korean tech giant. It appears to be the next model of the S series phones from Samsung. The process will allow 30 percent more chip per wafer while improving the performance by 27 percent and 40 percent less power consumption was recorded with this process of chip manufacturing. Patterns of the chip will be drawn on the wafer before the manufacturing process starts. The company said that they have used triple patterning i.e. the above-mentioned process three times over for more precision that is actually crucial for designing the chip.


Samsung can launch commercial products using second-generation process from next year, as the first generation process will be improved further. The company will be working with partners and clients to authenticate 10-nanometer design tool to expand the contact making or foundry using the process. The second-generation 14-nanometer process was started by the company earlier this year while making chips for Qualcomm a major client. Until early next year, the chipmaking business will contribute for the major share of profit as the Note 7 debacle.