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$129 Wi-Fi Router Is To Be Released By Google

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129-Wi-Fi-Router-Is-To-Be-Released-By-Google-300x129 $129 Wi-Fi Router Is To Be Released By GoogleGoogle Wi-Fi’ is what the tech giant going to call its new self-branded wireless router. The company is planning to release this product in the month of October. The retail for this product is going to be $129 according to a report. The blog that correctly judged the previous releases from the company mentioned that the company is going to release this product on the October 4 event. With a resemblance to the Amazon Eco Dot like the white-bodied device is said to be capable of expanding the coverage with multiple access points.


The reply of Google to the Amazon’s Eco is the Google Home which the company announced at the I/O in May. The Google Home is a voice assistive speaker capable of completing some basic tasks such as Google search and play music. Home will cost the same as the new Wi-Fi router i.e. $129 the report says. Another product is the Chromecast Ultra with a 4K resolution will be retailed at $69 is expected but the company didn’t comment on this.


The release of the Google home is a push from the company in order to gain ground in the race as it rivals have advanced with a few home products.